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Founded in 1998, OPS Interior Design Consultant Limited has now grown into one of Hong Kong’s most renowned design groups by its determination to excel and remarkable ability to fulfill commitments.  Our professional services extend to a wide spectrum of the business community including office premises, residential properties, retail shops and counters. Our credibility is established by our ability to work effectively with some of the biggest players across various industries.

The OPS Management is convinced that success lies in our people - the best and the brightest professionals in the sector.  We strive to drive, retain and nurture talent by providing a career rather than a job. We foster an enviroment with properity and growth. OPS is where vocation and avocation meet.  We pride ourselves and constantly strive to provide the best solution to our clients. 

Our corporate philosophy is to provide clients with quality services with stable partnerships through the professionalism of our top-notch designers, project management team and business managers.

With a group of distinguished designers, OPS is structured in such a way to offer the best-in-class solutions and services to our clients in Hong Kong. We leverage technology to provide clients with creative experience and efficient solutions.

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We always regard our client as friends and has gained us a trust-worthy reputation.


Our original design always bring a spark of surprise to our client.


By adding innovative ideas and green elements in our design, we make our work ecofriendly.


Connecting people through our design. We focus and always enjoy how people could bring chemistry through the progress.


Our design can enhance users experiences, efficiency and productivity.


In today’s world, a good design is not enough. The pandemic has changed a view of living, healthcare is a big topic. We concern the environment surrounded us and not to mention one of the biggest problem modern lives are facing: time management! That’s why we have bring SMART SOLUTION to you, a new way of improving your quality of life.


Not only designing a desirable place for you, but also apply with tactical strategy to improve your brand development.

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