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In our contemporary society, time is of the essence. The dire need for more leisure time makes technology an essential part of our daily lives as it saves our time by making our work more efficient. Not only does OPS provide professional interior design services but also keeps up with the latest technology to provide our clients with Smart Solution, a service that can assist you with managing your mundane tasks and, consequently, enhance your quality of life by freeing up your schedule for what really matters to you the most.

Green Element

Our "Green Design Solution" minimizes the harmful effects which ordinary construction projects can bring to the general public. 

By being mindful of the environment and protect it better with professional measures, we are confident that we can safeguard your quality of life while boosting energy and cost efficiency simulataneously.

Projection Mapping

While the traditional way of projection mapping was limited to mapping flat walls, recent advances in technology has made it substantially more flexible to accommodate designers’ needs. The software can now be projected onto a 3D surface, such cars or buildings, to create a unique experience for your target audience. 


Robots, a renowned representative of task automation, help humans perform a plethora of tasks, ranging from daily ones to life-endangering ones. As they are capable of multi-tasking while completing the tasks accurately, they have been deployed to boost productivity around the clock. Countless contemporary industries capitalize on their ability to work tirelessly on repetitive tasks. Their presence is most prominent in hospitals and exhibitions where they perform dangerous tasks in humans’ stead.


Animation is one of the indispensable tools for modern businesses as it can directly and conveniently provide an effective and visual presentation of projects. Its versatility can also enable presenters to create content relatable to their audience and mitigate the possibility of misunderstanding.


Hologram technology enables content creators to generate three-dimensional images using photographic projection. Having eliminated the need of special equipment, such as professional cameras or specific optics, such realistic projections are accessible to a broad range of audience from all angles. Provided that the use of holograms has proliferated in various fields in recent decades, it is anticipated that it will rise to become a leading technology in the near future.

Air Purifier

The exacerbation of the global COVID-19 pandemic has put air purifiers in the limelight. Since then, they have been widely deployed in hospitals, institutes and offices. The pressing demand for even better purification technology has paved the way for the evolution of the IoT which allows users to remotely monitor and control their appliances without geographical or temporal limitations securely.

IoT Integration

The IoT integration system is essential for efficient daily business operations as it allows the connection between physical devices to monitor, report and analyze data conveniently.

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